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In today's fast-paced world full of distractions and a multi-tasking existence, better listening has become a rare commodity. We cut off others, eager to share our opinions, or internally craft our responses while the other person is still speaking. When we fail to hear what others say, it leads to frustration, misunderstandings, and strained relationships. Whether it's our clients, loved ones, or even passing strangers, people all want the same thing…to be heard.


With over 30 years of wealth management experience in the financial services industry, Stanford Slovin recognizes the crucial role that effective listening plays in communication. He spent a decade testing different techniques, principles, and applications of listening skills to identify the most effective ones that produce outstanding results. Better Listening is a comprehensive guide that will equip you with the tools and techniques needed to become a better communicator in both your work and personal life. Use the transformative power of active listening and its ability to foster trust by creating meaningful dialogue, enhancing empathy, and driving emotional intelligence.


If you are in sales, an advisory role, or professional services industry—or any personal or professional role where listening is essential— you’ll learn how to:


• Improve impactful conversations allowing for a more positive client experience.

• Cultivate strong leadership skills by leveraging the power of listening in decision-making and problem solving.

• Improve interpersonal relationships and resolve conflicts with the help of easy-to-use communication techniques.

• Harness the transformative potential of mindfulness and open-ended questions.

• Master the art of active, reflective, and total listening by letting others empty their bucket and share what they’re truly feeling.



Unleash the power of better listening to make more powerful connections, strengthen the relationship with your professional clients and customers, and enhance your personal relationships. Get your copy today and unlock the secret power of Better Listening.


"A valuable guide in today's fast-paced world -

"Better Listening" by Stanford Slovin stands out as a valuable guide in today's fast-paced world where effective listening has become a rare and essential skill. With over 30 years of wealth management experience, Slovin brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, emphasizing the pivotal role that listening plays in communication.

This book is a gem for readers looking to enhance their professional and personal relationships. Slovin's decade-long exploration of various listening techniques, principles, and applications has culminated in a comprehensive guide that equips readers with practical tools to become better communicators. What makes this book work exceptionally well is its focus on actionable strategies that produce outstanding results.

Readers will appreciate the book's relevance to various roles, including sales, advisory, professional services, or any personal or professional setting where effective listening is crucial. The book addresses the challenges of today's communication landscape, where distractions abound and multitasking is the norm. It provides insights into improving impactful conversations, cultivating strong leadership skills, and resolving conflicts using easy-to-implement communication techniques.

One notable feature is the emphasis on mindfulness and open-ended questions, showcasing the transformative potential of these practices in fostering trust, empathy, and emotional intelligence. The book guides readers in mastering the art of active, reflective, and total listening, encouraging them to let others express themselves fully.

What sets "Better Listening" apart is its readability. Described as a short and easy read, it doesn't overwhelm readers with unnecessary jargon or lengthy theoretical discussions. Instead, it delivers practical advice that can be immediately applied in real-life scenarios.

Whether you're a professional aiming to improve client experiences, a leader seeking to enhance decision-making skills, or an individual wanting to strengthen personal relationships, this book offers a roadmap to unlocking the secret power of better listening. In a world where being heard is a universal desire, Stanford Slovin's insights pave the way for more powerful connections and enriched relationships. "Better Listening" is a must-read for anyone looking to thrive in the art of effective communication."

-A Look Inside Book Review Blog & Podcast

"An excellent book for therapists, counselors, physicians, teachers, parents & all human beings -

After the first few pages of Better Listening I wondered why a book like this wasn't part of the required reading for my Ph.D. graduate training in Psychology. How helpful it would have been when I started my clinical internship. Stan Slovin's insights and concrete suggestions are phenomenal and will benefit parents, therapists, teachers and everyone who comes in contact with other people. We all need love and support and Better Listening is a wonderful guide to being there for our fellow human beings."

-Nancy Kors, Ph. D.

"Great tips for mindful listening -

I think of myself as a pretty good listener but this book gave me great tips to do a better job. I am more mindful now of truly listening and not thinking about what I am going to say next. I feel that this and the other tips in the book have helped me to gain better understanding and in the end be more helpful to clients, employees, friends and family."


"Very useful tool to becoming a better listener! -

The critical steps to becoming a better listener are explained in detail in this book. I’ve found them directly applicable to both my personal and professional life. I’m a sales professional in a technical field, and have been guilty of Listening to Respond, often missing the opportunity to dig deeper to get to the speakers real Why. This book urges us to Listen to Understand, and I mean, really understand, not just jump in to argue the other side, or provide a solution. Reading this book has helped me to be a better listener, and I’d recommend it to others."

-SAL Reviews

"Better Listening: The Secret to Improving Your Professional and Personal Life" is a must have book for ALL persons who want to enhance their personal and professional life.

It is a useful guide for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to excel in their careers and personal life.

Companies and Schools should include or incorporate this book into their orientation and reorientation training programs. All Managers/Leaders/Staff (all levels in the organization) should be encouraged to possess the skills identified in this book.

It is a MUST HAVE BOOK and an excellent graduation gift for students entering the workplace or going to college.

Excellent Book on listening. Looking forward to the workbook for this book."

-Margo A.

"I’d strongly recommend this book to anyone who’s ever found it a daunting task to engage in a substantive dialogue with others, while simultaneously also being an active listener. Stan provides superb tactics and excellent protocols we can all utilize to make us the best versions of ourselves in becoming great communicators. Who wouldn’t want to be better"


"After the first few pages of Better Listening I wondered why a book like this wasn't part of the required reading for my Ph.D. graduate training in Psychology. How helpful it would have been when I started my clinical internship. Stan Slovin's insights and concrete suggestions are phenomenal and will benefit parents, therapists, teachers and everyone who comes in contact with other people. We all need love and support and Better Listening is a wonderful guide to being there for our fellow human beings."

-Nancy K.

"5 out of 5 stars

Very informative and helpful book. The skills and reminders can be put to good use both in business and everyday life. Whether

you work in the corporate world, retail or any industry this book will improve your interactions with people!"

-Tami B

"I really appreciate the outstanding examples that was given pinpointing how being a good listener will make you a better leader, friend, spouse, understanding, and compassionate individual. I will use the knowledge gained both at home, and at work leading my team."

-Tyrone Harris




Stanford Slovin covers topics on enhancing and improving your professional and personal relationships with the power of better listening.

Stan has recently been speaking to groups, appearing on Podcasts, and conducting presentations for companies, Some include:

  • LEADERSHIP AND BETTER LISTENING: A Conversation with Jason Raitz on SPEAK WITH PEOPLE Podcast
  • Discussing Leadership, Listening and Evolving Teams with Barron’s Top 100 RIA Stratos Wealth Partners
  • Your Leadership Legacy Podcast with Tina Paulus- Krause
  • Becker Private Equity and Healthcare Podcast: Impactful conversation with Scott Becker digging into “Taking listening to a New Level for Leaders, high performance teams and your personal relationships”
  • A morning with Vanguard Asset Management: Stan presented Better Communications with Internal Wholesalers: creating more meaningful conversations, productive discussions and valuable listening tips, strategies and techniques.
  • Attended Super Bowl Week in February appearing on RADIO ROW With Sports Philanthropy Network Podcast sharing a discussion on Mental Health Awareness and Better Listening Better Communication


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